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Urgent Care Offers Outpatient, Same-Day Services That Provide Extended-Hour Treatment For Sick Pets Who Require Prompt Access To A Veterinarian, But Do Not Qualify For Life-Threatening Emergency Care. 

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please call or visit our Emergency Department immediately. Our ER and Urgent Care is conveniently located inside the same building.

What Is Urgent Care? 

Urgent Care is an outpatient, same-day service that provides treatment to sick pets who require prompt access to a veterinarian, but do not qualify for emergency care. 

Urgent Care hospitals are not typically open 24/7 like emergency centers but have extended hours beyond those of primary care clinics, and many are open on the weekends. 

Urgent Care provides help when: 

  • Conditions are non-critical 
  • No hospitalization is required 
  • No surgery is required 
  • Only basic diagnostics are needed 
  • Pets need help outside of regular business hours 

Although urgent care is same-day service, please call to make an appointment.  

When Should I Take My Pet To Urgent Care? 

The following conditions are typical situations that warrant a visit to an urgent care veterinary hospital. If you are ever unsure, please contact your nearest clinic and they will be happy to advise you. 

Skin or Ear Infections 

If you notice any redness, inflammation, puss, or abnormal coloring on your pet’s skin, around their feet or inside their ears, it is best to have them checked out by an urgent care veterinarian as soon as you can. Delaying care for infections typically makes them more difficult to treat and can lead to more serious health problems if the infection spreads.   


Our pets are curious and active beings which can lead to occasional scratches, cuts, and puncture wounds. Shallow cuts and grazes need to be cleaned fully and bandaged to help prevent infection and ensure healthy healing. If you do not have the supplies at home, we recommend taking your pet to have their wound professionally cared for by an urgent care veterinarian.   

If your pet’s wound is deep, they are having significant blood loss, their bleeding is continuing after 5 minutes, or was caused by another animal’s bite, please take them to our ER department as soon as possible.    


Your pet's vomiting may indicate an illness or that they’ve just eaten something that’s upset their tummy. It's important to pay attention to the color, frequency, and appearance of your pet's vomit.  

If your pet only vomits occasionally, this is an issue to bring up with your general practice vet at your next check-up. If the vomiting is in increasing in frequency or related to the consumption of an unknown food, an urgent care facility is appropriate.   

If your pet consumed a toxic food like grapes or chocolate  or is vomiting frequently with high volumes, please bring them to our ER department!  


Due to their active lifestyle and time spent outdoors, there could be many factors causing your pet to limp ranging from a thorn in the paw to a broken bone. If you notice your pet limping, it is best to take them to your nearest urgent care facility.   

If your pet is struggling to move at all or is moving in an unusual pattern (like crawling, sliding, swaying, or continuously falling) please take them to our ER department.  

Unexplained Lethargy 

All pets get sleepy after a long day of running, playing, and entertaining their humans. Older pets in particular tend to become more lethargic with age. However, if your pet is unusually tired, lacking energy after little exercise, or hiding away in quite corners when they are typically very social, it could be a sign that they are sick.   

We recommend you bring your pet to urgent care if their lethargic symptoms continue for more than 24 hours or if you notice any other signs of illness emerging alongside lethargy.   

If your pet collapses, struggles to stand up or walk, or refuses to eat or drink, please take them to our ER department.   


Fevers in our pets can be hard to catch since many pets have copious fur or spend time lying in the sunshine, leaving them feeling warm to our human hands. Some signs that your pet may have a fever include an increased heart rate, panting, runny nose, coughing, and shivering.   

If you catch these symptoms early, you may be able to take them to an urgent care clinic to receive diagnostics and treatment. But if your pet has been showing signs of fever for several days or their symptoms are accompanied by vomiting or sudden collapse, they need to be treated at our ER department as soon as possible.   

Rashes or Lumps 

Rashes on pets are very common and can have a wide variety of causes ranging from easily-cured flea infestations and seasonal allergies to more serious cancers and organ malfunctions. If you notice a rash appear on your pet after visiting a new environment or the rash is soothed after a calming wash, there is no need to worry.   

A visit to your urgent care clinic is a good idea if your pet’s rash or lump is growing, spreading, secreting puss and/or blood, or is still present after several days.   


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