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All of us at South Carolina Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care love animals and we’ve all experienced the pain of losing a beloved animal family member. Grieving over the loss of a pet is normal. We all deal with grief in different ways on many different levels. For some, it is important to memorialize a pet. Communicating with others going through the same grief helps some. Others benefit from counseling. What’s vital is to recognize what you and your family need during this time. Many resources exist for better understanding grief over the loss of an animal family member. Even so, never hesitate to let us know how we can help.


How is euthanasia performed?
Euthanasia is performed with a quick and painless injection of an anesthetic medication into the vein.

Do you perform euthanasia at home?
We do not perform home-euthanasia services. House call veterinarians in the area do, however, and we’ll be happy to help any way we can. Visit Lap of Love for more information.

Can I be present for the euthanasia of my pet?
You are welcome to be present. If you’d rather not be present, you don’t have to.

Can I visit my pet before or after the euthanasia?
We want you to spend whatever time you need before or after the euthanasia. If you have specific needs or concerns, please let us know.

What are the options after euthanasia?
Burial and cremation services are available through Agape Animal Cremation. If you would like to make other special arrangements please let us know.

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