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Wilbur: All Smiles & Eating Again!

Wilbur came to our Oncology reluctant to eat due to severe jaw pain. He would only eat spaghetti his owners cooked for him each night. Pain created a lack of interest in food, and he was losing muscle mass in his head. His quality of life had declined quickly over a short time. A CT scan revealed a large tumor growing into the bone of the lower jaw and crossing the midline, thus involving both sides of the jaw. Faced with a difficult choice, Wilbur’s owners decided to have surgery to remove the tumor and three-fourths of Wilbur’s lower jaw. Within two days of surgery, Wilbur began to eat dog food. Now he is playing, gaining weight, eating, and most importantly he’s happy. He is finishing his chemotherapy for the aggressive fibrosarcoma that attacked his jaw and continues to amaze us with his resilience. He’s all smiles today!


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