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Spot: Seizure Free And All Smiles!

There’s a reason Spot is smiling. Spot has been seizure free for more than a year now! It wasn’t always so joyous for Spot, a mixed breed with Canine Epilepsy and seizures for more than eight of his 10 years. Spot’s seizures began in 2002 and were managed with traditional seizure medicine. Still, Spot averaged one or two nights a month having one to four seizures, some major. And then one long weekend, Spot suffered more than 15 seizures. Spot was then referred to us.

Our doctors and staff adjusted and added to Spot’s medications and helped his mom and dad through several years of seizures. Many phone calls and emails along with visits after especially bad nights helped them to help Spot. Today, Spot runs and plays with his Mom Maggie and sister Pepper. So far, Spot’s outrun the trauma of seizures. Will the seizures return? Perhaps, but we’ll do our best to keep Spot smiling. Oh, Spot’s Mom and Dad say they couldn’t have made it through all the seizures without our team!


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