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Curly: Miracles Do Happen

Part One – A Mom’s Story
We adopted Curly, a two-to-three-year-old Airedale Terrier, from the Airedale Rescue Group April 13, 2008. A vet had checked him and given Curly all his shots. I was petting him on our second day of having him and felt a large lump on his neck. I took him to our veterinarian the next day. He was fairly sure that Curly had lymphoma. Two weeks later tests confirmed it was lymphoma. Our veterinarian recommended we make an appointment with Dr. Feder.

Dr. Feder explained the treatment and cost. We couldn’t decide what to do for Curly. Dr. Feder suggested we decide by the next morning. Treatment needed to begin at once. That evening I prayed, cried, and loved on Curly and decided to go forward with the chemotherapy. Curly has handled the chemotherapy very well. He’s never been sick nor has his appetite suffered. He actually seems to look forward to his treatment with Dr. Lucas and the specialty vet staff. Choosing to have chemotherapy for Curly proved to be the right decision. Had we not chosen chemotherapy, Curly would have only been with us a few more weeks. Curly has been with us over three years and feels good. He’s going strong this loving, faithful friend. The caring support staff has been wonderful to Curly and me. I am very thankful Curly has survived this long!

Part Two – Dr. Lucas’ Story
Curly, a 6.5-year-old Airedale Terrier, was adopted through Airedale rescue. His veterinarian noticed lumps under Curly’s neck and near his shoulders during his first wellness visit. In 2008, Curly was diagnosed with lymphoma, a common and incurable cancer. Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer within days of adoption, his parents pursued aggressive cyclical chemotherapy. Since his 2008 diagnosis, his cancer has relapsed three times. Curly tolerates chemotherapy without problems and he’s a favorite in the hospital. Curly continues to fight and seems to never stop loving life. He is a constant reminder to the doctors and staff of SCVSEC that despite a poor prognosis, miracles happen.


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