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Bailey: High and Dry Again!

Bailey, a three-year old, spayed female Labrador retriever came to us suffering from three years of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is very common in female dogs, especially older spayed female dogs, but it can affect younger females. Such was Bailey’s fate. Treatment typically involves oral medications daily or weekly. Sometimes both. Some cases, however, resist medicinal therapy. That was Bailey’s plight. In the past, that resistance meant invasive surgery was usually required to keep a pet dry. Now, thanks to cystoscopy, we can treat urinary incontinence using a video endoscope. No surgery is needed. We injected synthetic collagen under Bailey’s urethra’s surface to form a pseudo-sphincter. Bailey went home the next day. Four months after her injection, she’s high and dry and her nights and life are much better.


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