Dogs and cats commonly experience skin disorders. While the clinical signs of different skin diseases may seem similar, the underlying causes vary. Specialized training helps us to spot the subtle differences. Allergies commonly cause many pets’ skin problems, and it’s no minor problem considering the skin is the largest organ. Skin disorders often prove frustrating because one visit does not always identify or fix the problem. Your veterinarian has referred you to our Dermatology Service for help addressing chronic or serious issues, or for help with detailed diagnostics and therapy to permit optimum control of a pet’s skin disease. Our services help identify and treat the source of skin problems.

Intradermal Allergy Testing

  • Helps us determine which pollens, molds, or other allergens are contributing to your pet’s problem.

Video Otoscopy

  • Allows for examination of the entire ear canal and eardrums.  
  • Allows deep-cleaning of the ear canal and collection of samples for culture from the middle ear (behind the eardrum).

Punch Biopsy

  • Allows for the removal of small skin nodules and identification of more uncommon diseases such as autoimmune disease and skin cancer.

We diagnose and treat:

  • Allergic Disorders—The most common cause of itch in pets
  • Immune-Mediated Skin Disorders—Caused by the immune system attacking normal skin
  • Skin and Subcutaneous Infections—Caused by bacteria, fungi, and other organisms
  • Skin Parasites—Fleas, ticks, chiggers, and others
  • Hormonal Disorders—Common cause of hair loss, changes in hair character
  • Skin Lumps and Bumps—Other diseases besides cancer can cause lumps; There are many different treatment options available
  • Ear infections—Often due to allergies, but may be due to hormonal disorders
  • Disorders of Hair Growth and Character—Up to date treatments options available for various conditions that can affect hair growth and character




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